Monday, August 6, 2007


Last night I started teaching Corona to "heel". Overall i'd say it went well, not too many problems!
She's still having a hard time with loose leash walking, she doesnt understand that loose leash doesnt necessarily mean to walk as long as the leash will let you go.
I want to continue to work with her for a couple more days before i move onto the other two but Cainan starts agility training in October and I want him to be at his "top" game!
There isnt enough hours in the day, especially when it's been so HOT and muggy the last few days!
Cainan went through petco obedience and he was mainly there to get over some of his fear-aggression issues. He got over ALOT of them, still has his moments though, but was dealthy affraid to learn heel for some reason.
So I used "walk" instead and it was more like a loose leash walk just not as loose. He did well but now it's time to learn the real thing!
Hopefully all will go well!