Saturday, August 4, 2007


One for the road just cause I think corona is just so darn cute!
She's such a goof ball i rarely can snap shots of her staying still. We really need to work on training but let me tell you what, when Andy's not home it's just me and the pups. It's tough, practically a full time job in itself. I cant just kennel two and work with one because they get upset...cry, bark and carry on.
When we go out for walks I try to work on proper walking etiquete more then anything so not much gets accomplished there either!
well thats all for now!

Wow Food!

Okay so I spend ALOT on my trio's food. I dont feed them regular dog food, everytime i see dog food it kind of makes me sick thinking about how many people dont realize whats in some of that food.
Last night we were at wal-mart and I was announcing to everyone how i want to put a HUGE sign in the middle of the food isle stating that anything you buy in this isle for your dog is just terrible!
I feed raw and for those of you who dont know what exactly that is, it is an all-natural raw food diet.
Their meals consist of chicken hindquarters, frozen veggie or fruit mush and vegetable oil or for corona, cod liver oil.
Every once in a while i will put an egg in each of their bowls, shell and all. But currently I am out of eggs and it's bad for them if they eat too many of them.
I'd recommend 2 maybe 3 eggs a week just to be on the safe side. which I REALLY need to go pick some more up because coco and cainan's fur is becoming pretty coarse and their shedding alot more.
Sometime Ill maybe make a post on purely raw so anyone who reads it can learn something helpful, hopefully!
One thing I will say right now is...Wheat is BAD for dogs, they are NOT supposed to have carbs in their diet...unlike humans whom can seem to eat carbs and still be relatively healthy. Dogs are Omnivores, not Carnivores like alot of people seem to think. They do need fruits and veggies but cannot make up more then 50% of their diet, so their needs to be more meat, bone and organs then anything.
Well the real reason for this post is to basically just say how HAPPY I am that this current order I recieved from the meat locker is relatively smaller. Every monday I order 40 lbs. of chicken hindquarters and the order comes in on wednesday. The order i get on wed. will last me till the following wed. when my next order comes in.
BUT this order seems to have alot smaller hindquarters so I get more in a package. Which normally i wouldnt be too happy about that because they need to eat and being that they are on RAW...they need more food then they would if they are on kibble.
Coco and corona have put on a little extra weight that they dont really need right now, when winter rolls around it wont be so bad but during these hot summer months, it's really not healthy for them to be lugging around so much extra weight.
I didnt count how many was in my last 10 lbs pack that I opened today but i'd say I got right around 12 or so pieces, which means by time my next order comes in ill have some left over and I wont need to buy as much! YAY! I love to save money, especially on the pups since they do tend to eat alot or I buy them too many new toys lol.

More Swimming!!

It wasnt as nice out today then it has been but we went swimming anyways!
here's a few pictures from today...