Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hi and Welcome

This is my first web blog dedicated to my fur-kids! Ill start off by telling you a little about each one of them...

Coco-DOB: March 27th, 2006

To the right you will see a pretty recent picture of her!

Coco is the head hauncho! She owns Andy and I. Coco was my 19th birthday present and she loves andy TONS more then me lol.

she loves to play fetch and swim. Her favorite candle scent is anything BUT "fresh linen" lol. She loves to meet new people and give lots and lots of kisses.

I often call coco the St. Bernard i'd always wanted, with just a hint of moose in her blood! She's big, slobbers all the time and grunts more then anything. Alot of the time she'd prefer to grunt and snort then to actually bark like a dog!

I also believe that coco doesnt think she's a real dog. She thinks just like a person and has more personality then any other dog i've ever met. She's always doing something different and crazy. whenever we go for car rides she HAS to be in the front seat sitting just like a person, and she will have one paw on the arm rest starring out the window.

One day Andy walked in the house and noticed coco had moved from the floor onto the couch laying just like a person with her head on the pillow, remote in front of her and the tv on!

She's a character and I love her. I wouldnt give her up for anything!

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