Sunday, July 29, 2007


ahhh Corona!
DOB: October 15, 2006

Little miss corona is a handful!!! She is her own dog, all in herself! If Corona was my first dog out of the 3 we have, I probably would have stopped! lol!! She's a very exuberant, happy go lucky pup--all day long!
She rarely sleeps and when she does it's only for a short period. She doesnt like balls, nor isnt too fond of fetch.
She enjoys long luxurious swims by herself, chewing on any stick she can find, and loves to be chased! Sometimes her big brother gets a little too rough and hurts her...after mom kisses it and makes it all better, she's off for another game of chase!
She's practically impossible to wear out because of the fact she doesnt like to fetch like the other two! She basically just mosies around sniffing, digging and trying to find new sticks to destroy and concur!
About a month after we got Corona she became very ill and her body wasnt letting her dispose of her bowels. Over $600.00 later we found out she had MINOR food allergies, and a protein defeciency. The food the vet put her on was extremely expensive and made her itch constantly.
I did some research on some dog forums and switched all my dogs to RAW!!
Ever since the switch, she rarely itches and no longer chews on her toes! Her bowels work excellent and her hair loss is finally starting to slow.
She's becoming a hard headed teenager but i wouldnt trade her for anything! Im glad we have her with allergies and all!!

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