Sunday, July 29, 2007


Cainan my one and only boy!!

DOB: May 31st, 2006

hmmm, well where to start? Cainan is...well, he's just cainan! We got cainan when he was right around 9 weeks old. He was covered in fecal matter and him and his brothers were throwing up all over and then eating it.

They were a litter of ALL boys with the single ONLY female seperated across the farm. alone.

All the pups were very sick and not well taken care of. I first took each one of the pups out to play with them and none of them had personalities of their own. Cainan was the only one that actually showed interest in fetch. thats basically why we got him.

At the time I didnt know much about reputable breeders and i wasnt aware that there was such thing. I just assumed every dog that anybody ever buys was out of a newspaper. He was $75.00 and so far he's worth every penny times 50! He occassionally has some fear-aggression-confidence issues but he's working through them everyday! He's gotten so much better ever since he's lived with us, he's practically a new dog!
Cainan LOVES fetch like theirs no tomorrow. He utterly freaks out as soon as he see's a tennis ball. Although he does have a tendancy to get a bit "snippy" with people trying to throw the ball, it's all because his love for his ball. He will sleep with his tennis ball, walk around with it in his mouth, and some days I will even catch him alone in the other room throwing it up in the air by his mouth and chasing it by himself! He's a goof ball and a momma's boy...he's a pure joy to have in my fur-family and In my life in general!

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