Monday, July 30, 2007

About Us...

Here's some stuff about us...

Throws up if she drinks too fast
Carrots make her sick
Loves her daddy
Science Diet also makes her sick
She is constantly cutting herself, sometimes all the way down to the bone
Constantly feels the need to be dominant
She's a big grump butt!
Likes to sleep where she pleases, gets grumpy otherwise!

Scared of sudden movements
Walks when he poops
Loves to pee on tree's
Will eat anything we put in front of him
Food aggressive towards other dogs
Think's he tough
Never tires
Amazing stamina

She's a garbage disposal
Isnt allowed food or treats with wheat
HAS to have cod-liver oil as a supplement no matter what
Doesnt like fetch
Prefers cheap toys...boxes, sticks, bushes, fuzz etc.

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