Saturday, February 16, 2008

Been a while

Havent really updated for a while, been pretty busy with work and the pups. I just got over being sick for about 4 weeks, just had a cold then gave my cold to andy. Which andy developed the flu and gave the flu to me after I started getting better lol.

Yesterday Corona turned 16 months old, she is totally in her terrible 2's! Although she isnt as bad as coco was, she's bad enough lets just say!
It's been super super cold here so I havent been letting the pups play outside as long as they need too. Today though, is supposed to warm up to the low 30's so we'll be outside as long as possible today lol!
Here's a couple pictures from yesterday that I took, it was pretty sunny so i figured the sun would keep us warm enough for play time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My trio is back together!

And ya know what, it's about time!That's right, coco is back with her brother and sister and so far everythings going great! they're getting along and playing together just fine and dandy! The pups dad and I have gotten back together as well so I will have someone here to help me take care of them so it isnt so overwelming!
Just a little health update: Cainan and Corona had intestinal infections, cainan actually passed it on to corona! They had fevers, diahhrea...the whole works but now they've been on medication for a while and everything is back to normal!
Ill post more pictures when I get time!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

here's a few more pictures from today!

The pups have grown up so fast, it amazes me how they were so small that i could hold them in my arms and in a short time they've tripled their sizes!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Latest Update!

The pups dad and I split up and coco has gone to live with him. So I just have cainan and corona living with me and so far things are better then ever!
Although the training hasnt picked up like i would have liked to see but those two get along better then before and they absolutely love each other!
Here's a few pictures from the last month or two, and some of them still have coco in them!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Re-vamped Diet!

There are two different diet's that raw feeders can do...
one of which is RAW-consists of meat, bone and organ
the second is BARF-consists of meat, bone, veggie/fruit mush and/or supplements.
I actually feed a mixture of the two, but lately i've been leaning more towards the regular raw diet.
Here's their new diet and schedule

Chicken leg or thigh
fruit mush

Chicken leg or thigh
2/3 ounces of beef liver
2 teaspoons of ground liver
veggie mush
one egg shell and all, about 3 times a week
cod liver oil/olive oil about 2 times a week

Im eventually going to be adding chicken gizzards and close to 2 tablespoons of ground liver instead of teaspoons but the grocery store i was at, ran out so i didnt get as much as i'd like.
The beef liver also eventually wont be an everynight thing either, ill probably cut back to about 4 times a week maybe even 5 times.
but so far this is what im sticking with and it's working out awesome! all the pups are healthy and happily growing HUGE!
Here's some new pictures from lately...

Ill try and update more frequently, i've just been sick the past few days and havent felt up to doing much.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I havent been able to post alot lately! I recently aquired a 2nd job at a vets. office, which has kept me pretty busy.
So far it's working out okay, everyones real nice but Im missing the pups badly so we'll have to see how it goes.
My goal is to work enough for a while to get some things the pups need then to cut back so I dont have to be away from them too much.
I have a couple new photo's from today, here they are!

And here's one of my favorite group pictures from the other day at the park...